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File requirements

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  • Files accepted: PDF, DOC

Abstract sample

You can download an abstract sample here.

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Call for papers

The abstract submission is now open for ICEBAT-China, May 8-10, 2020.

We present and opportunity to showcase your work to colleagues: clinicians, researchers, lecturers, policymakers and other professionals from around the world.
The theme of the conference is ‘Aquatic Mastery: knowing in action”, focusing on adult neurology, pediatrics, musculoskeletal disorders, sports medicine, metabolic lifestyle diseases and Traditional Chinese medicine. Abstracts of other aquatic topics can be submitted as well.

Important dates

  • January 31, 2020: deadline for abstract submission
  • March 15, 2020: final announcement of accepted abstracts

Submission of papers

Abstracts (maximal 500 words) are to be submitted according to the guidelines below. Please state your preference for ORAL or POSTER. Please note that you may not get your preference due to the volume of submissions.

Upon submitting your abstract you agree that, if selected, your abstract will be accessible to the public electronically and will be included in the book of abstracts. If you have any questions about your submission, please contact the scientific committee at:

Evaluation by the scientific committee

All abstract will be reviewed to ensure that the topic is appropriate and correct English grammar is used. Papers must be related to aquatic topics. Two members of the scientific committee will review contents and your abstract will be categorized as:

  • Reject: not suitable for a presentation or poster.
  • Conditional Acceptance: the abstract will be accepted when satisfactory responses can be given to the reviewer’s concerns.
  • Accept with minor changes: the authors have to correct these minor changes
  • Accept

Instruction to the authors

Abstracts must be prepared according to the following guidelines. Incomplete abstracts will not be reviewed.

  1. the contents should be clear, written in English and not exceed 500 words.
  2. Send your WORD file to
  3. Add 3 keywords.
  4. Give names and affiliations of all authors and coauthors.
  5. At least one author or coauthor should be registered for the congress.
  6. Your abstract should have the following sections. An INTRODUCTION indicating the significance and purpose of the research / topic and possibly citing primary literature sources. A description of the METHODS of data collection, data analysis and design. A section of RESULTS and DISCUSSION, which might be combined. The CONCLUSION can be given with reference to implication and applications to the practice of aquatic therapy.
  7. Skip a line only after each of the sections. Use a line spacing of 1.5 and use Times New Roman or Arial (size 11), avoiding abbreviations.

Poster presentations

Posters should be printed in A0 size, only in portrait format (width of 841 mm and length of 1189 mm).

Oral presentations

The orals are 12 minutes in length with an added 3 minutes of question time. Presenters will be asked to upload their PowerPoint to the computer in the presentation room before the first session in the morning or afternoon before the planned presentation. Only keynote speakers are allowed to use their own computers.