University of Jyväskylä, Finland

The ICEBAT conferences are a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in the new trends within aquatic therapy. The content of the conference combines the latest high quality research with clinical application in a unique blend developing the profession for the future. The 6th ICEBAT, to be held in Beijing in 2020, will continue this trend. The University of Jyväskylä (JYU) is proud to have been involved since the first conference in Izmir, Turkey in 2013. JYU will continue to support the Conference in the future.

Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital

Asociación Argentina de Hidroterapia

Australian Physiotherapy Association Aquatic Group

Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors     

Sochiteah. Sociedad Chilena Terapia Acuatica e Hidrokinesiterapia

Red Acuática Colombia

Aquatic Therapy Network of India

Associazione Nazionale Idrokinesiterapisti

International Aquatic Therapy Association Korea (IATA-Korea)  

Asociación Mexicana Terapia Acuática

Nederlandse Halliwick Vereniging

Red Española de Terapia Acuatica (RETAcua)

South-African Society of Physiotherapy Aquatic Physiotherapy group