Dear colleague

ICEBAT 2020 will continue the IATF tradition of presenting state-of-art aquatic therapy in theory and practice and additionally being a meeting platform for – young – aquatic clinicians and aquatic researchers, which fits in the conference theme.

Our theme “Aquatic Mastery: Knowing in action” is about merging East and West and is referring to tacit knowledge which many experienced colleagues demonstrate and we want to explicitly model for collegial dialogue and discussion. The conference also wants to honor existing knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in which “knowing in action” is a strong pillar. Included in TCM are various interventions: movement, herbal remedies, acupuncture, and dietary all working in harmony to improve the body’s vital energy and improve function.   Examples of how aquatic therapy aligns with TCM will also be included in the conference topics.

Practically the scientific committee is advocating a blended concept and will invite colleagues to submit not only traditional statistical based research but also treatment case histories to facilitate discussion about decision making elements in aquatic therapy. Particular emphasis will be on critically identifying the knowing in action factors which can include didactic knowledge, past experience, interaction between therapist and client, pattern recognition. These and other concrete factors combine to allow a master clinician to process all the available information to determine optimal goals and treatment for therapy in an aquatic environment.

We hope to be able to welcome you as speaker or participant at ICEBAT China, continuing the tradition of the International Conferences on Evidence Based Aquatic Therapy, facilitated by the Swiss Association IATF and IATA-China.

Johan Lambeck (Chair Scientific Committee) & Ting Zhang (Chair Organizing Committee)

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